Hi Everyone


I wanted to share with you something the Lord spoke to me which I believe could be powerful to warfare against Covid 19


So, I was walking through the house when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me the word Abaddon, I didn’t know what that meant so searched the scriptures. The word appears in the Old Testament as a demonic location, and in the New Testament as a person.


This person appears in Revelation 9 vs 11 as the Angel who is given charge of the bottomless pit (he is also known in the Greek as Apollyon).


It says he is king over the locusts which have been released from the bottomless pit to torment men without the mark (not kill them) for 5 months.


Now I don’t believe that Covid 19 is the opening of the Fifth seal but I do believe that the PRINCIPLE of that which emanates from the pit, exists in the realm of the air (the spirit realm) and comes to torment and destroy man (ie a virus style visitation) is established here. Even further that a named individual - a fallen angel called Abaddon is appointed as king to rule and reign over that which has been released!


This I think is extremely significant as I can’t think of anywhere else in scripture where a fallen angel is so tasked and specifically identified as a king!


I asked the Lord what we should do about it, and again I felt Him say that we should engage in spiritual warfare to disrupt the control and command structure of the king to his locust. Earthly locust have no leader as such, they collectively descend and consume as one, their purpose and plan comes from an unseen hand, just like how this virus works, like a spiritual swarm of locust.


As we know on the battlefield the objective of any action is to first take out the command and control lines of communication to the troops, in doing so they are greatly weakened as to their collectively ability to act.


The question is how to do this???


Reading John Paul Jacksons book, ‘Needless Casualties of War’ he would say that we have to confine our ‘rebuking’ ‘binding’ and ‘loosing’ to what is happening on the earth. To that end praying to rebuke and bind the command and control instructions coming from Abbadon the ruler of the virus, and loose angelic forces to scatter the confused and leaderless locust (viral agency).


I felt the Lord indicate that in so attacking the command and control structure, that the virus (locust), without direction and purpose, would evaporate as quickly as it appeared, just like the previous SARS and MARS outbreak.


In terms of a specific prayer to ensure protection and effective attack I felt the following could be powerful:


“Father I ask that You would cover me with the precious blood of Jesus as I take my stand against the enemy and that Your blood would be my protection from all attacks of the enemy.


In the name of Jesus I come against you, locust swarm of Covid 19 and rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I take authority over, and bind your control and command structure issuing forth from your king Abbadon, and pour the blood of Jesus upon all strategies and instructions, washing away all cohesion and agreement, so as to sow confusion and despair in your ranks. I loose in the name of Jesus angelic forces to come and utterly scatter and eradicate you from the face of the earth.


As a king and priest of the Lord most high, I rebuke you Abbadon and your kingly authority being exercised upon the earth in the name of Jesus, I bind your channels of control over your locust swarm of Covid 19, and loose all the prepared intentions and actions of heaven upon you in the name of Jesus Christ.


Thank you Lord that you give me the authority as your son to rule in this way upon the earth, and ask now that all aid prepared and waiting in the heavenly realms be loosed and poured forth across the earth, to heal all effected by this attack of the enemy.


In the mighty name of Jesus - Amen.”



The above prayer doesn’t attempt to war in the heavenly realm but exercise our authority terrestrially, which is recommended by John Paul Jackson in his book ‘Needles Casualties of War’. The binding and loosing of the prayer seeks to come into agreement with what has already been done in heaven as explained below from an excerpt from John Paul Jacksons book.


I word the loosing part of the prayer based on John Paul Jacksons comments in his book ‘Needless Casualities of War’ which talks about binding and loosing: ‘Linguistic studies reveal the verb in Matthew 16: 18-19 is in the future perfect passive periphrastic tense. This simply means that the literal way the verse should read is “…whatever you bind on earth will have already be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will have already been loosed in heaven.” So to be more accurate, binding or loosing is first done in heaven, and then manifested on earth. God binds in heaven, which allows us to bind on earth. God looses in heaven, so we loose on earth. This understanding also parallels the prayer example of Jesus in Matthew 6 - “on earth as it is in Heaven” God binding or loosing in Heaven awaits the actions of men to release the fullness on earth.


I hope this is helpful at this difficult time and I pray that by using this prayer of attack we would see a miraculous dissipation of this evil plague.


God Bless - Peter



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